Ironing Board Hanger

As, I said before, Pinterest is a great inspiration and motivator for me. I saw a nice way to hang the ironing board and I just happened to have the perfect spot for mine. Hooks are fairly inexpensive and I got mine at Hobby Lobby last week while on sale at 50% off. YAY!! All done in about 10 minutes, so pretty easy. Here it is:

Looks pretty darn good, huh? I liked how it came out. I thought I needed anchors in the wall, so I included those as well.  I also plan to make a shelf to go above the hooks for the iron. Will post when done. Easy Peasy!


Craft Punch Storage

While looking at many different online storage ideas, I saw one that struck me as a pretty good idea. I had seen it a time or two before deciding it would be a great choice. After all, I am quite frugal and hate spending lots of money on a project.

punch storage 2So, these are those cheapie $2 curtain rods you get at the dollar store, I got mine at Meijer for $1.99 each. Not bad really. Also, it was one of those weekends that MPerks gives you 15% off general merchandise PLUS they were on sale 20% off!

I think I have a lot of punches, although I am sure some folks have lots more than me. This isn’t all of them, and I will need to put 2 more rods up for the rest, but, it looks pretty good and I think will be functional. I already had 2 white ones, so I can paint them with some black paint that I have in the garage. My Martha Stewart punches (the last two rows), lay back on the wall a bit too far and one fell back onto the floor. I cannot have that! So……..

punch storageI placed a small dowel on the wall (I had these for rolls of ribbon at one time, but had not planned to use them for ribbon anymore) centered between the two hanger hardware that came with the rods. A couple of nails hold them to the wall, as the only function they serve is to keep the punches from falling backward.

And there they are, organized, a place just for them, and looking decent. Glad they are up and ready to get to work!

Happy punching!!




Dog Mini Album

One of my favorite people to watch on You Tube is Schell Fabian (BabyTweetums). Her work is so clean and easy to recreate and her videos are very easy to follow. This envelope mini is another one of her projects. She saw Mary’s daughter (Mary of CardsTv on YouTube) make a similar envelope album and I liked Schell’s version so much, I did one just like it, except I used all the stickers that came in the kit for my mini.

How cute and easy to make! Check out Schell’s YouTube video for instructions to make one of these. Here’s what we used:

The Paper Studios (Hobby Lobby)  I Heart my Dog Page Kit

Envelopes- 5 1/4 x 7 1/4 inches (Paper Studios also makes these in several colors) I have white envelopes already, so I used those.


Solid color cardstock that coordinates with patterned papers in the kit.

This album took hardly any time at all to make. The kit makes it easy to decorate and everything coordinates perfectly. Look in the sticker section of Hobby Lobby and you may find extra stickers that coordinate with the kit! What a fun project this was to do!


Little Lamp Update

Here’s a brief update on the lamp. I am finished painting it, and still have the shade to figure out what to do with. I have a couple of ideas and will update the post when I decide.. For now, here’s how the lamp turned out.


The blanket on the right is from the Animal Rescue Site and is the color scheme I am using for the room, not so much black though. I found fabric that will match pretty well, but thinking of doing more than one on each panel of the lamp shade. I will probably pick up some fabric this week. Even if the fabric doesn’t work, I can find a pillow around here somewhere to cover, lol.

The lamp doesn’t look like it, but it is actually close to the blue in the blanket, only shiny. Very happy with those results!



Papaw’s Cutting Board

My grandfather was a Carpenter in his day, and I have a couple of things he made in his spare time. One of them being this really beautiful cutting board. I thought it had seen it’s better days, and decided to hang it instead of using it. (He made it in 1954 which is carved on the back) A company I used to work for had this great oil and cream for keeping cutting boards from drying out so much, so I bought them and began using them. The board has spaces that occurred as a result of the wood drying out, but the oil and cream have been helping. It needs a new coat, so I will do that now.

I used the oil first, then wiped off after 5 minutes. Then I used the board cream, which needs to be rubbed in by hand and allowed to set overnight. In the meantime, just look at the beautiful grain of the wood.

I have no idea what types of wood he used, but it’s just beautiful! I will post more pics after it has set for 24 hours so you can see how gorgeous it turns out.


Ok, it’s done and hanging back on the wall:

WIN_20160208_14_06_35_Pro (2)


Keep in mind, this board is very old and neglected. The spaces in the center of the board should improve over time as long as I keep treating it. Giving the wood the much needed moisture will help tremendously. I will research online any other things I can do in the meantime to speed up the process, but for now, let’s just look at the beautiful pattern, wood and the overall gorgeousness of my Grandpa’s handiwork.


Command Center

A command center really keeps everything your family needs as a go-to place for communication, notes, and reminders. We use ours often. It is right next to the door going into the garage, a convenient place when coming in or leaving the house.

WIN_20160208_10_33_08_Pro (2)

I keep 2 calendars on a homemade shelf, (Thank you my sister!) this month and next month, as well as a cork board and a white board. (Which I don’t like the one hanging here, got to get another one) The calendars are blank online print-offs and I added a strip of coordinating scrapbook paper to the top and bottom of each, then placed them inside a couple of old frames. Under the calendars is a rack to hang our keys.

Then I have a cardboard cubbie that I bought at Staples on clearance for a couple of dollars. It was pink and it was hideous! I painted it and added some scrapbook paper and voila! Now I have a place for mini note pads, coupons, scissors and my eraser for the white board. I have 2 clip boards for weekly menus and the grocery list. Can you tell I have chickens in my kitchen?  If I need to add something to my list, it’s right there and convenient. hanging in the corner are 2 tin cans wrapped in scrapbook paper that make great pen holders, one for dry erase markers and the other for pens and pencils.

That’s it! You can make this thing as big as you like, add things that are personalized for yourself, the kids and the hubster. You gotta love anything that can make your busy life just a little easier. It took very little time to plan and hang on the wall, maybe half an hour. (I tend to be a little slower than most, lol) Once again, I found this idea on Pinterest, I absolutely love that place! Have fun putting yours together 🙂





Basement Staircase Update

Almost done, but I can show pics so you can see how it looks when finished, I saw this on Pinterest, of course, and ironically, I bought the same paper border as the person on Pinterest, what are the odds? Anyway I am so glad this is nearly done, so I can finish other things now.

I really like the clean look and the pattern of the paper border isn’t too much. I like how this turned out!


Little Lamp

Awhile ago, I bought this cheap little lamp because of the pattern it has. It was an ugly gold that I halfway painted orange to coordinate with a room I transformed into my scrap room. Well, one of the bedrooms I currently have is going to be labeled the Dog Room, because of the décor. I bought a blanket online that is black with puppy paw prints on it. They have 4 colors and one is a pretty light blue. So I decided this little lamp will be blue. I pulled out my Martha Stewart acrylic paints and got busy.

WIN_20160208_15_25_17_Pro (2)

The color of paint I am using is Martha Stewart’s Multi- Surface Pearl Aquarium. It’s a very pretty pearlized light blue- green, and I think it will accent either color I decide on.

This little lamp is a bit hard to paint, the color doesn’t take the first one or two coats. But that’s ok. I will paint as many times as I need to in order to get the lamp right where I want it.

As you can see, it’s gonna take 3 coats, maybe more in some areas, but that’s ok. I think I am gonna love the way it will look once finished, and I think it will look nice in that room. Afterwards, I will cover that horrible shade with a coordinating fabric.

Happy painting!!



Basement Staircase

Update on what is happening now. I decided to do by basement stairs and have gotten the risers painted.

The Risers are painted with Behr White Cloud and the treads are being done with Behr Tar Black. I did have some additive put into the black for an anti-skid texture. I will have to say, getting a high quality paint and brush has made a HUGE difference. I can make messes with the best of them, but now cleanup is easy and I didn’t make huge drips from any paint.



When I do projects, I love having a cup of Joe close while I work. With that said, while sitting on the steps painting the risers, I came very close to dunking my paint brush in that coffee cup! TWICE. Will post more when the project is close to being finished.

Happy painting!