Industrial Table

Hubby has been turned on to the Industrial look, wants it all over the house, but will settle for the bedroom, so I am putting a small sitting area there. Of course, I need an accent table. As I have said before, I don’t plan to spend alot of money for a little table that probably takes 2 bucks for a furniture store to have made. Looking around for awhile now for one of those “barrel” type metal tables. Well, $60 is just too much, so, I was at the dollar store one day and saw these Chinese garden stools, and wow! $15! SOLD! I still had one round wooden piece for the table top. YAY!

table industrial2table industrial

So, for a whopping $20, I have my industrial accent table! Here it is sitting next to Grandma’s Roseback chair. (Gotta do something about that fabric)!


Also, here is the stool when I bought it


Happy table making!



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