Steampunk Journal

Something I have been working on for a couple of weeks now is for my sister. It’s a journal that we both collaborated on and I finally finished it tonight. On YouTube (no, not Pinterest this time, LOL) a lady named Gabrielle Pollacco posted a video for a steampunk journal that we both really liked, so I started on it and voila! After coats of gesso and dry time, then alcohol¬†inks, shimmer sprays and everything else under the sun that has color, gem stones and some buttons,¬†and metal gears, it is done!

journalThe closer I got to finishing it, the better I liked it. LOTS of color. And, yes, it has a chain. The chain goes behind the cover to act as a bookmark. The journal itself is a smashbook that I made inspired by Schell Fabian. so, WOW, what a combination. I love it and so does my sister!

Happy Journaling!


3 thoughts on “Steampunk Journal”

  1. Oh my goodness!! Its awesome hon! I love the way you took the idea and made it your own! The chain bookmark idea is off the charts amazing…just live it! Thanks for sharing your link with me and for the sweet mention! xo

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