Reclaimed Coat Rack

For awhile now, I have been combing Pinterest for ideas on a coat rack for the front door area. I bought a small hat rack from Hobby Lobby and hung it by the front door, but it’s where our coats and jackets have ended up. So, I began getting serious about this area.

I thought a good sized piece of wood with some crown molding would be cool, but I wanted something fast and easy. Then…

WIN_20160424_22_54_12_ProI still had some pallet planks in the garage, so I headed to Hobby Lobby to find something that would go nicely with the wood. I cut the two pieces to about 30 inches. Then with the two small pieces that were left, I attached them to both ends as shown. The metal rack I purchased fit in the center perfectly. It’s finish is a brownish rusty color, just right to match up with the pallet planks. I did virtually nothing to the wood, leaving it’s industrial look. Took me a whopping half an hour! Looks great on my wall.

Happy Booyah, ya’all!


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