DIY Accent Table

I needed a few accent tables in different areas of my house. Pricing these little gems is like pulling teeth. I absolutely will not pay $200 or more for a table. not gonna happen.

In our area there is a St. Vincent de Paul thrift shop where I found the plant stand for $8. It was a dirty yellowish- gold color, so I painted it with Rust-oleum Metallic Paint and Primer in Oil Rubbed Bronze. I bought the wooden circle- cut wood from Home Depot for a little over $5 and I have LOTS of the stain left from the Dog Paw organizer I made awhile back. I need more paint, not quite enough to finish the plant stand, but I like the color so well, I am sure there will be another project to use it on.

There are a couple of places that this will go well. Now I need to decide which place will get it!

Happy DIY!!


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