Rock Art

I was surfing Pinterest and saw some rock art. Animals and people were created on paper and looked very interesting. The dog ones caught my eye, so I decided to give it a shot. Of course the rock art needs a frame. At a former job, we all got boxes of candy for Christmas and I collected boxes from anyone that didn’t want them. I thought they would make great shadow box frames. Three and a half years later, I am using them.

I painted one black, it took a couple of coats but dried pretty fast using acrylic paint.

Rock Art 4Then comes the rock art, with some punched shapes and a butterfly on one of the dogs head.

Slipped into the frame, it now looks like this. This took hardly anytime to create, mostly waited for the paint to dry.


rock art 5And here it is, ready to go into the dog room.

Happy Rock Art!


Industrial Table

Hubby has been turned on to the Industrial look, wants it all over the house, but will settle for the bedroom, so I am putting a small sitting area there. Of course, I need an accent table. As I have said before, I don’t plan to spend alot of money for a little table that probably takes 2 bucks for a furniture store to have made. Looking around for awhile now for one of those “barrel” type metal tables. Well, $60 is just too much, so, I was at the dollar store one day and saw these Chinese garden stools, and wow! $15! SOLD! I still had one round wooden piece for the table top. YAY!

table industrial2table industrial

So, for a whopping $20, I have my industrial accent table! Here it is sitting next to Grandma’s Roseback chair. (Gotta do something about that fabric)!


Also, here is the stool when I bought it


Happy table making!