Steampunk Journal

Something I have been working on for a couple of weeks now is for my sister. It’s a journal that we both collaborated on and I finally finished it tonight. On YouTube (no, not Pinterest this time, LOL) a lady named Gabrielle Pollacco posted a video for a steampunk journal that we both really liked, so I started on it and voila! After coats of gesso and dry time, then alcohol inks, shimmer sprays and everything else under the sun that has color, gem stones and some buttons, and metal gears, it is done!

journalThe closer I got to finishing it, the better I liked it. LOTS of color. And, yes, it has a chain. The chain goes behind the cover to act as a bookmark. The journal itself is a smashbook that I made inspired by Schell Fabian. so, WOW, what a combination. I love it and so does my sister!

Happy Journaling!


Reclaimed Coat Rack

For awhile now, I have been combing Pinterest for ideas on a coat rack for the front door area. I bought a small hat rack from Hobby Lobby and hung it by the front door, but it’s where our coats and jackets have ended up. So, I began getting serious about this area.

I thought a good sized piece of wood with some crown molding would be cool, but I wanted something fast and easy. Then…

WIN_20160424_22_54_12_ProI still had some pallet planks in the garage, so I headed to Hobby Lobby to find something that would go nicely with the wood. I cut the two pieces to about 30 inches. Then with the two small pieces that were left, I attached them to both ends as shown. The metal rack I purchased fit in the center perfectly. It’s finish is a brownish rusty color, just right to match up with the pallet planks. I did virtually nothing to the wood, leaving it’s industrial look. Took me a whopping half an hour! Looks great on my wall.

Happy Booyah, ya’all!


Porch Plant Stand

Nothing works like a good coat of paint to make things look new again. I have had this triple decker plant stand for awhile, as I tend to hang onto things for quite some time and this plant stand is no exception. It was a tannish gold color with rusty tops, I think made of a dense plastic or resin. The tops were glued to the stand, but became loose over time. Worn and tired, it was ready for a second life, so I gave it one. The base is now a Canyon Black and the tops (shelves) are Ivory. I think it looks great!!!

refinished planter
refinished planter

Happy renewing!!



DIY Accent Table

I needed a few accent tables in different areas of my house. Pricing these little gems is like pulling teeth. I absolutely will not pay $200 or more for a table. not gonna happen.

In our area there is a St. Vincent de Paul thrift shop where I found the plant stand for $8. It was a dirty yellowish- gold color, so I painted it with Rust-oleum Metallic Paint and Primer in Oil Rubbed Bronze. I bought the wooden circle- cut wood from Home Depot for a little over $5 and I have LOTS of the stain left from the Dog Paw organizer I made awhile back. I need more paint, not quite enough to finish the plant stand, but I like the color so well, I am sure there will be another project to use it on.

There are a couple of places that this will go well. Now I need to decide which place will get it!

Happy DIY!!


Homemade Laundry Soap

If you have ever searched the web for making your own laundry soap, I have found there are quite a few sites out there. My go-to site for all things natural and homemade is One Good Thing by Jillee (No, not Pinterest this time, LOL). I have gotten many ideas for homemade cleaners and how-to’s on her site. Today, I am making a new batch of laundry soap. Let me tell you, the cost of this is MUCH less than buying detergent at the store.

The 4 ingredients I use are 1 cup of 20 Mule Team Borax, 1 cup of Arm and Hammer Super Washing Soda (not baking soda) 1 bar of Ivory Soap or Fels Naptha bar soap (I tried Fels once, it was so hard to grate, but Ivory is a good substitution), and 1/3 cup of baking soda. Now, I put a bit of the baking soda in because of extra dirty clothes and musty smells in the towels. So far, it works pretty well. You may not need to do this, just try making one batch and see if you need the extra baking soda. Today, I tripled the ingredients to make 2 quarts, and this will last a VERY long time. Just think, not having to put laundry soap on your grocery list for about 3 months! This batch will last longer than that for me, since there are only 2 of us, 2 dogs and a very messy bird.

I urge you to at least give this a try, I also use the fragrance softeners in the store, but there is a recipe for those too! I intend to try that as well, first I must get some essential oils. The only ingredients are essential oils and Epsom Salts! (I think I will order some essential oils today, since those fabric softeners are really expensive!!)

If you are really not crazy about grating or cooking soap, there are certainly other alternatives out there. You will be amazed how little time it takes and how much money you will save!

Time to do laundry ya’all!