Ironing Board Hanger

As, I said before, Pinterest is a great inspiration and motivator for me. I saw a nice way to hang the ironing board and I just happened to have the perfect spot for mine. Hooks are fairly inexpensive and I got mine at Hobby Lobby last week while on sale at 50% off. YAY!! All done in about 10 minutes, so pretty easy. Here it is:

Looks pretty darn good, huh? I liked how it came out. I thought I needed anchors in the wall, so I included those as well.  I also plan to make a shelf to go above the hooks for the iron. Will post when done. Easy Peasy!


Craft Punch Storage

While looking at many different online storage ideas, I saw one that struck me as a pretty good idea. I had seen it a time or two before deciding it would be a great choice. After all, I am quite frugal and hate spending lots of money on a project.

punch storage 2So, these are those cheapie $2 curtain rods you get at the dollar store, I got mine at Meijer for $1.99 each. Not bad really. Also, it was one of those weekends that MPerks gives you 15% off general merchandise PLUS they were on sale 20% off!

I think I have a lot of punches, although I am sure some folks have lots more than me. This isn’t all of them, and I will need to put 2 more rods up for the rest, but, it looks pretty good and I think will be functional. I already had 2 white ones, so I can paint them with some black paint that I have in the garage. My Martha Stewart punches (the last two rows), lay back on the wall a bit too far and one fell back onto the floor. I cannot have that! So……..

punch storageI placed a small dowel on the wall (I had these for rolls of ribbon at one time, but had not planned to use them for ribbon anymore) centered between the two hanger hardware that came with the rods. A couple of nails hold them to the wall, as the only function they serve is to keep the punches from falling backward.

And there they are, organized, a place just for them, and looking decent. Glad they are up and ready to get to work!

Happy punching!!