Little Lamp

Awhile ago, I bought this cheap little lamp because of the pattern it has. It was an ugly gold that I halfway painted orange to coordinate with a room I transformed into my scrap room. Well, one of the bedrooms I currently have is going to be labeled the Dog Room, because of the décor. I bought a blanket online that is black with puppy paw prints on it. They have 4 colors and one is a pretty light blue. So I decided this little lamp will be blue. I pulled out my Martha Stewart acrylic paints and got busy.

WIN_20160208_15_25_17_Pro (2)

The color of paint I am using is Martha Stewart’s Multi- Surface Pearl Aquarium. It’s a very pretty pearlized light blue- green, and I think it will accent either color I decide on.

This little lamp is a bit hard to paint, the color doesn’t take the first one or two coats. But that’s ok. I will paint as many times as I need to in order to get the lamp right where I want it.

As you can see, it’s gonna take 3 coats, maybe more in some areas, but that’s ok. I think I am gonna love the way it will look once finished, and I think it will look nice in that room. Afterwards, I will cover that horrible shade with a coordinating fabric.

Happy painting!!



Basement Staircase

Update on what is happening now. I decided to do by basement stairs and have gotten the risers painted.

The Risers are painted with Behr White Cloud and the treads are being done with Behr Tar Black. I did have some additive put into the black for an anti-skid texture. I will have to say, getting a high quality paint and brush has made a HUGE difference. I can make messes with the best of them, but now cleanup is easy and I didn’t make huge drips from any paint.



When I do projects, I love having a cup of Joe close while I work. With that said, while sitting on the steps painting the risers, I came very close to dunking my paint brush in that coffee cup! TWICE. Will post more when the project is close to being finished.

Happy painting!



Shower Storage

Once again, I looked to Pinterest for ideas for my shower storage, and Pinterest rarely fails. Dollar store bins, shower curtain hooks, and a tension rod. I think everyone buys a tension rod at some point and then doesn’t use it, so check your garage or linen closet for that lost tension rod, ummkay? Hang it lengthwise at the top of the shower space and use those hooks to hang your dollar bins on it. BOOYAH!!!! DONE. My cost here, about $4 after locating the tension rod. Oh, I also did the shower in the master bath as well. Pics later because its late and hubby is in bed.


Here is the main shower in the Master bath.


Great Craft Table

Craft Table BonesCraft table

Ok, so here is the bones of the new craft table. I like to stand to do my projects, so this table is about 40 inches high. I bought 4 bookcases for $16 each at Target. I wanted white but they only had black, and I am ok with it. I also bought a 4’x8′ (approximately) sheet of MDF for $25 and had them cut it to 3’x6′. I have enough room in the basement that I may do a shorter table and add some chairs later.

Leaving the MDF uncut created a few obstacles. First, no way was that piece of MDF fitting in my car, and the space in the center of the board would have had to be supported somehow, so cutting it down was my smartest option. It works just fine for me. Good smooth work surface with lots of extra storage for my tools! The good thing about MDF is it takes paint AND stain. So to keep the surface smooth, I am going to stain the board. I am thinking of getting some molding to go around the edge. See, still a diamond in the rough!