A couple of my Christmas Cards

I always make cards for Christmas and put a lot of work into some of them. This year things were a bit hectic so I did the best I could. I used completely hand made and a card from Stamp n Up ( I added my own stuff inside these).

Top Left, my handmade card. Top Right, Stamp N Up card, bottom left is my addition to the inside of the Stamp N Up card. I use Spectrum Noir colored pencils. Colored pencils are my new interest, love them!


Mickey Mouse Mini Album


The Mickey Mini Album

In 2014, the company I worked for sponsored a family through the Make-A-Wish Foundation and they sent the family to Disney. I thought how nice it would be if they had a mini album in which to put some of their favorite photos from that wonderful trip!

Here it is:


This album was so much fun to make. It didn’t take that long and there are a lot of fun pages in this.


I am not a HUGE Disney fan, but I have to say that this Cricut cartridge is amazing. The Mickey characters, the font, the Mickey pants, the Mickey hand, and the ears are from the cartridge. The Mickey paper is from Joann Fabrics and the spine of the album is Duct Tape. I would make another one in a heart beat!






Great Craft Table

Ok, for a long time now, I have been craving a great craft table. I have visions of lots of crafting room, and a great place for the girls getting together one evening, having coffee at a HUGE table. Well, look no further……well almost

All Things Heart and Home

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the table, but honestly, something like this takes awhile to cut, assemble, and paint, or does it??

I am a get-r-done kinda person when it comes to crafts and hobbies, so my brain is in get-r-done mode. I am thinking how about using a couple of inexpensive white bookshelves, the piece of 8×4 plywood or MDF, (I prefer MDF, the finish is smoother and takes paint, after priming, and stain pretty well), then add the flooring. If you need it attached to the bookshelves, I would just screw the bookshelves to the MDF and be done with it. Does the surface have to be the plank style flooring? I think I will do some research in that area, not to mention, scrapbookers tend to use a heat gun. Hmmm (hands out to sides, one goes up, the other down) wood, heat, wood, heat. If you prefer that look, which is fine, just remember that heat factor when using a heat gun, plus many surfaces are doable to add to your scrappy collection and will be heat resistant when using your heat gun. I have a couple of heat resistant mats, one from Tim Holtz’s Ranger products, and another I bought when I worked at a restaurant supply warehouse, along with a couple of old bamboo cutting boards. IF you really wanna get extravagant, try some metal counter top surfaces that professional chefs use in their kitchens. But for a plain ol work surface with the essentials like paper, scissors, and glue, the plank flooring should work fine. For myself, however, with that much gorgeous space on a table, I would love to make it a coloring space too, so I would need a completely smooth surface with NO grooves between planks. So much to think about……


Merry Christmas!!

I miss Christmas every year on the day after.  I anticipate it every year. Not for presents, not for hustle and bustle, and certainly not for the snow.

When I was in the 4th or 5th grade, our music class was chosen to be the choir for the Christmas play. We practiced a very long time for that play, but when we all sang, that magical wonder of Christmas was unforgettable.

And that is what I always look forward to. So next year, I plan to make Christmas the most magical of all for my family that will include at least one handmade gift. The commercialization of Christmas is such a shame. That’s not why we celebrate.

Just like the Grinch says, ” How could it be so? It came without ribbons… it came without tags… it came without packages, boxes or bags! But this…. this sound wasn’t sad. Why….this sound sounded glad! Every Who down in Whoville, the tall and the small, was singing, without any presents at all. He hadn’t stopped Christmas from coming, it came! Somehow or other it came just the same.”

I always think of this when I see so many people at the stores, if I shop, I do it online. We don’t always have a tree, but when we do, the ornaments we hang are not to impress, but to showcase family and friends lost over the years. Their favorites or things given to us by them adorn the tree. And man, does it ever sparkle!

Hope your Christmas was a fabulous one!