Steampunk Journal

Something I have been working on for a couple of weeks now is for my sister. It’s a journal that we both collaborated on and I finally finished it tonight. On YouTube (no, not Pinterest this time, LOL) a lady named Gabrielle Pollacco posted a video for a steampunk journal that we both really liked, so I started on it and voila! After coats of gesso and dry time, then alcohol¬†inks, shimmer sprays and everything else under the sun that has color, gem stones and some buttons,¬†and metal gears, it is done!

journalThe closer I got to finishing it, the better I liked it. LOTS of color. And, yes, it has a chain. The chain goes behind the cover to act as a bookmark. The journal itself is a smashbook that I made inspired by Schell Fabian. so, WOW, what a combination. I love it and so does my sister!

Happy Journaling!